At Deliciously, we are a small team passionate about food and travel. We thought it would be nice to tell you the story of Deliciously and let you see a little bit of who's behind the app, so here we are!

The team

Chez Deliciously, nous sommes une petite équipe passionnée de nourriture et de voyage. On s’est dit que ce serait sympa de vous raconter l'histoire de Deliciously et que vous voyiez un peu qui se cache derrière l’app, alors nous voilà !

The idea of Deliciously came in the middle of a trip to Thailand. Anne was finishing writing her book "Food Trotter Thailand", a travel guide that uses cooking and taste discovery as a pretext to explore a country. 

Because of the paper format and its rapid obsolescence, the bias was not to include restaurants lists. Anne preferred to provide all her little travel tips to help the traveller find the right addresses by himself. 


But here it is: all her good addresses found during his travels remained in his mind. 

On the other hand, for each new trip, Anne struggled to prepare her gastronomic program and spent hours and hours searching for the good addresses suggested by blogs, guides or local magazines, typing them by hand in Google Maps, transferring them to an excel file to add her little comments...

The idea of the Deliciously was then born. Anne then decided to create an App : 

Which uses geolocation to locate all around you the places not to be missed, combining freedom and discovery, spontaneity and sure values.

Which is reliable, qualitative and lively. 

That allows to easily add a new address that has just been launched and to remove the one that is no longer up to standard. 

It allows you to discover hidden small addresses, like a good friend who knows a city well and who recommends good deals. 

Who inspires the traveler with beautiful photos. 

Who makes the traveler want to travel, to discover new regions or new neighborhoods in his own city... 


Deliciously was born. 

Deliciously est une application imaginée par trois passionnés de voyage et de cuisine.






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