Our top 10 of the best addresses for gourmet Christmas gifts in Paris 🎁

For the Christmas holidays, the Deliciously team has prepared a small selection of the best addresses for giving gourmet gifts in Paris.

Photo : Pierre Hermé

1- JulhĂšs

The ideal gift : good fruit juices, fine jams and a good bottle of wine.

Deliciously's badges : local products, open on Monday.

📍 31 rue Saint-Maur 75011

2- Workshop Issé

The ideal gift : a nice bottle of vinegar!

Deliciously's badges : crushes, exotic, zen.

📍 11 rue Saint-Augustin 75002

3- L'Empire des Thés

The ideal gift : some tea bags from China.

Deliciously's badges : exotic, cozy.

📍 101 avenue d'Ivry 75013

4- Umami Matcha Café

The ideal gift : pretty high quality Japanese products.

Deliciously's badges : zen, exotic, laptop friendly, kid friendly, veggie vegan, between€15 and €30.

📍 22 rue BĂ©ranger 75003

5- La CaféothÚque

The ideal gift : a selection of good vintage coffees.

Deliciously's badges : breakfast, on the go, open on Monday.

📍 52 rue de l'Hîtel de Ville 75004

6- Roellinger

The ideal gift : an excellent pepper, a tube of vanilla and a bottle of Vadouvan.

Deliciously's badges : exotic, for your eyes only.

📍 51 bis rue Sainte-Anne 75002

7- Izrael

The ideal gift : pretty oriental products.

Deliciously's badges : exotic, typical.

📍 30 rue François Miron 75004

8- Plaq

Let yourself be guided by Nico and Sandra to discover their creations !

Deliciously's badges : craving, for your eyes only.

📍 4 rue du Nil 75002

9- Fine Épicerie

The ideal gift : some magnificent products of Terroirs du Liban.

Deliciously's badges : local cuisine, on the go.

📍 30 rue de Belleville 75020

10- Pierre Hermé

The ideal gift : a biiiiiiiig box of macarons !

Deliciously's badges : craving, for your eyes only, open on Monday.

📍 72 rue Bonaparte 75006

Discover our selection and find gourmet gifts using the badges : tea house, chocolate factory, grocery store, ... Tell us which ones you fell in love with!