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Less than 15€

Our favorites, our little nuggets, our darlings... Call them what you like.

In one bite, you're thousands of miles away.

Cheap, home cooking, a cool atmosphere, in short, a canteen just the way you like it.

You can choose your budget in a single click, isn't it magic? 

Local cuisine


Laptop friendly


Cocooning atmosphere and most importantly: you will feel good. It's a bit like in your living room, but elsewhere.

Perfect to spend afternoons managing your emails with a macchiato coffee within reach.

What wouldn't we do for a sweet little spike at any time of day?

What could be better than immersing yourself in the local culture? 




Comfort food

A big hunger, a small need for comfort... comfort food is there for that. In fact, we love it as much as she loves us.

Hop it's time for the aperitif! Whether solo, in pairs or in a group, let's go for tapas platters accompanied by small glasses of wine.

Whether you are a traveler or a resident, you like to have breakfast outside from time to time.

Perfect for refueling before starting a day trip.
Or not, it is up to you.




For your eyes only


To continue its vitamin D cure even during mealtimes. No rest for the future sun tanned.

Addresses that will make your heart beat in unison during a candlelight dinner... No, we're not getting carried away.

We're going to addresses that will put stars in your eyes. Be careful, it's time to make THE perfect instagram photo.

Tastes that explode in your mouth for a colorful meal, just the way you like it.

Business lunch

On the go


Solo meal

Whether you feel like eating in front of your series, reading a good book or chatting with the person sitting next to you, there is no problem here.

Whether it's to continue typing on the keyboard while working during a good meal or to have a nice little meeting, everything here promises you comfort and efficiency. 

An express meal in 30 min for the hungry ones in a hurry. Take the time to chew anyway, it's better for your health.

Feel like showing off around in the hottest spots of the moment? You've come to the right place.

Good mood


Good vibes

Happy mess

Music, people laughing, a lively place.

We climb a little on each other, we almost don't hear each other talking, but what fun we have!

Notice to all music lovers, these addresses are made for you.

Please relax, take your time and release your chakras.


Nice team

Kid friendly


A little retro, a little frozen in time. The plastic tablecloth sticks a little but we like it. 

We forget conventions, we break diktats, we change the world! Well, we may get carried away, but these addresses will get you off the beaten track, for sure.

Did you know that there are some lovely people behind all these addresses? Well, we've met them, and we really love. There it is said.

Parents conquered if baby welcomed.

Street food

Gluten free


Veggie vegan

Eating standing up, getting your fingers full of it, snacking for cheap, we love it. 

So yes, we're not sure it is 100% veggie or vegan, but you'll always find something to please you like a king.

Sometimes we have a craving for meat.

Well here it is: that's what this badge is for.

We believe that everyone can find happiness and gluttony. That makes a good punchline, doesn't it?

Local products

Easy going



A good dish also means good products on the plate, but we don't teach you anything.

Well yes! You have to put small producers on a pedestal, and the restaurant owners who work with them too.

Come on, relax Martine, aren't we comfortable here? It's like home here.

It feels so well the good old traditional kitchen, a little outdated and old school on the edges.

Take away

Open late

Open on Monday

Good value for money

Here you get your money's worth, man.

A meal to take away wherever you want, it's magical.

For those who don't feel like going to bed yet.

Just to avoid unpleasant surprises (already that Monday is a bad day...).


One day, we may no longer have to identify the rare restaurants that allow it. For the moment, at least you have the certainty that you can come to these restaurants without any problem.

Deliciously est une application imaginée par trois passionnés de voyage et de cuisine.






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