If you are here, it might be because you still have

some questions about the app! Well, rest assured,

the answers are probably here.


What is the difference between the map and the mosaic? 😶

The map allows you to see Deliciously's addresses around you and to navigate between them. On the other hand,
if you don’t know what you want to eat yet, the mosaic will allow you to find inspiration in pictures

to open your appetite.

Aaah... And what is this button, on the down left side? 

This is the button to refocus the map on your position, simply. :)

By the way, do restaurants appear in a specific order? 

Since the application is geo-localized, the first addresses to appear are the ones closest to you,
whether on the mosaic or in the search function. The more you scroll (for the less geek of you,
it is to go down the page), more the addresses are distant from your position.

What’s that thing up left there?

The 3 small lines that look like the different floors of a burger? Well, it’s the burger menu, precisely. :)
You can find here your profile, your settings, you can also manage your lists, submit an address or
report a bug for example. Then, if you like the app, do not hesitate to follow us on social networks,

and to go to the app store in order to grade Deliciously and give us your feedback!


But where can I select the addresses according to my wishes?

At the top right, it’s the little funnel! You only have to click on the badges that
match what you’re looking for, then validate your search.

Why don’t the addresses appear on the map when I clicked on a filter? 😢

You probably forgot to press the button to validate your search. Nothing serious, fortunately.

Aaah I see, but I validated and it tells me there’s no result, why?

In this case, there are two options. 
Either you’ve selected too many badges and we don’t have restaurants that meet all those criteria,
or the badges you have chosen are incompatible. Example: what is comfort food, by definition, will not be
be healthy. We hope that answers your question.

What if I want to remove the filters I selected?

You can click back on the selected filter, but between us, it’s a bit long if you have a lot of badges selected.

If you want to emove everything at once, just click on the top right, on the circle with the arrows and poof! Reset.

Isn’t that the same thing with the magnifying glass?

This is another way to search for addresses. If you have a specific name in mind, it is probably

the best way to proceed.


List, favorites... what’s the difference?

Good question. Favorites is a way to mark all the addresses that interest you and/or that you like.
Then, you can organize them in lists, such as "To do with Mary","To work" or "My Thai canteens".

It’s up to you to manage adresses as you wish!

There is an address I'm very interested in 😍 how can I put it in my favorites?

You have a little star on the restaurant pages, you click and that's it.

So how do I put it in a list next?

A window opens just after you click on the star to bookmark it.
There you can choose to create a list or add the address to an existing list.

And if I want to change my lists, where can I do it?

You can go in the burger menu, top left of the map. Easy way to remember:
everything about settings like lists, profile and so on, is there.

How do I find the addresses when they are on my lists?

In the filters page, you will see that your lists have appeared. Just click on them. :)

By any chance, can I share a list?

Not yet, but we’re working on it!


What do I do if I want to give my opinion about a restaurant?

On the restaurant page that appears after clicking on an address, you can say if you liked or not
this famous address, and can explain us why! So don’t hesitate, let us know what's going on.

Oops, I don’t think this restaurant is open anymore!

Still at the bottom of the restaurant page, you can report a problem as for example a closed establishment,
a change of owner and this kind of surprises not always pleasant. :/ In any case, it will help us a lot
to keep only the best addresses in the app.

My favorite address isn’t in Deliciously... 😔

Don’t worry! You can submit your it in the burger menu or directly on the page of the restaurant

after searching the name of your favorite address in the search function. If it matches Deliciously,
you will soon be able to see it integrate the app, for your great satisfaction.


Ok, got it ! Tell us everything here or in private message on our social networks.

Deliciously est une application imaginée par trois passionnés de voyage et de cuisine.






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