Spotlight on Nina, our new Seoul contributor !

Passionate, kind and energetic, we introduce you to Nina, the latest addition to our contributing team.

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Who are you ? Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Nina and I am running an Instagram account, @foositive from last August where I am posting my favorite spots that not only has a great atmosphere but also has quality foods. I am really passionate about discovering hidden dessert places, so once you visit my account you could find mouth watering desserts which only local people might know.

I love reading, writing, dancing and watching Youtube. I also love to engage with people from different places and backgrounds. Throughout the last couple of years, I’ve been working at 3 firms from India, the Netherlands, and New York. I’ve also participated in a language exchange program in my university, met my international friends, and introduced them to Korean culture and foods.

What pushed you to create your platform?

As the pandemic changed our life, we are not able to have any chance to go abroad and experience the local culture and foods . That’s why I would be part of the world to take people on a virtual food tour. I believe in the positive impact by bringing hope and joy from traveling the world through social media.

What is your latest food discovery? (whether it is a type of food, a dish, or even a place)

My latest food discovery is “Fresh Orange Juice”. I am really into it these days. I know it’s very simple and not that impressive but I recently tried it and realized how good the naturally sweet drinks could be with no sugar added. I am looking forward to finding more ways to bring out the natural flavor of the ingredients.

In terms of gastronomy and culinary culture, which travel did you prefer?

When it comes to culinary culture, I really love to travel to Japan. I’ve been in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka before. In Japan, from small bakeries and restaurants to big franchises, I could easily find a variety of breakfast options including rice-based meals at an affordable price.

What do you love about contributing to Deliciously?

Deliciously is the perfect and friendly platform where many contributors can interact with each other through our passion for introducing good places to others. Also, it’s always exciting to be part of the global communities.

Your top 3 of places all around the world ?

Among my favorite places around the world, I’d like recommend 3 spots based in Seoul, Tokyo, and New York City

  • Minimize, a high-end bakery that specializes in low-sugar and zero-sugar desserts in Seoul

  • Sunny Bake Shop, a small and cute bakery in Tokyo that has an amazing carrot cake

  • Liberty Bagel, one of the best NYC bagel spots in midtown Manhattan that serves a various range of cream cheese and bagels

Thanks Nina for all the answers ! And for those who wants to discover the other places discovered by Nina, download the app!

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